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Album Suggestion: Guppy by Charly Bliss

DAMN… Do I love this album. Guppy is by far one of my favorite albums of this year so far.

On Record Store Day this year, Rough Trade hosted a free show in their venue. It was my first time there and I was waiting on a super long line for the Luna Record Store Day release vinyl. My friend Tim suggested that we should stay to see this band called Charly Bliss because he was convinced I’d love them. And he was right. Charly Bliss is like a girl powered Pavement… AKA- My DREAM band. They shred. They hit. They’re hard. I’m obsessed.

Charly Bliss is I guess exactly what you’d call “bubblegum rock”. They sound like they’re straight out of the 90s. They’re an effortless mash between pop and rock. On the pop side, the lead singer, Eva Hendricks, sounds like she’s a teenager. Her high pitched voice goes well with her kitchy lyrics like “I’m four years above sixteen/ I jumped so high I peed the trampoline/ I’m too sad to be mean/  Gonna end up working at Dairy Queen.”  Yet, their lyrics are also sarcastic and dark, bringing them over to an edgier side. The guitar riffs are frenetic and feverish. And they are tight as hell!

You into Weezer? You into Pavement? You into Josie and The Pussycats? (for real) You’ll love this album.

*Fav Tracks: Totalizer, Gatorade, Ruby*