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Playlist:Songs That Sound Like Father John Misty But Better

I tried. I really did. But I am just not impressed with Father John Misty. It took me a long time to finally give him a listen but when I recently listened to Fear Fun, I Love You, Honeybear and Pure Comedy, I was just… kinda bored. I felt like the songs were structured all the same, they weren’t too dynamic, the lyrics didn’t blow me away. They were all just fine.

Something I was really surprised by was how much he sounded like Elton John. I did not expect that. Maybe because I was judging a book by its cover (shame on me!) but I thought FJM was going to be a lot more folky than he actually was. He really does sound like a┬ánew, cool, hip, bearded version of Elton John. He’s a cross between new and old (Elton John meets The Bowerbirds?) and I think that’s why he’s so popular.

There were a lot of artists that came to mind while listening to FJM, artists that I liked a bit better than what I was listening to. So without further ado, here’s a playlist called Songs That Sound Like Father John Misty But Better. Enjoy!

Discloser: There were some FJM songs I did like!: Two Wildly Different Perspectives, Fun Times in Babylon, Chateau Lobby #4 (because I’m a total sucker for any kind of romantic song)